A space that has already been used for meditation will have a high energy level, which will help you meditate better. It is better to meditate in the same place every day. The space will record the trace of the positive energy generated during meditation. After a while, each time you enter that space, an uplifting sense of peace and joy can be felt. Going into meditation will be easier in that space. Sometimes we have 2 or 3 bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living room. Why not reserve a small place just for meditation? Choose a clean and tidy space with plenty of ventilation. You can also meditate outside in a meditation gazebo or meditation hut if there is no space or too much noise in the house.

"Therefore, you must train yourself, 'Let us periodically enter and remain in isolation and rapture.' This is how you must train yourself." - Piti Sutta


 It is important to apply the effort in a balanced way, not too relaxed or too tense. It is very important to set aside enough time for a personal meditation retreat every day. Usually, the mind just calms down a bit and then our busy interaction wakes it up again. Then it takes a while to settle down, but before long he becomes agitated with interaction and activities. A lifestyle similar to a retreat setting is ideal because it is possible to allow the mind to calm down and accumulate energy without interruption. But if that's not possible, the best thing to do is set aside time to be quiet and turn inward. However, your retirement routine should be organized in a way that is enjoyable. Otherwise, you won't stick with it.


Every day, whenever we nourish the body with food, why not take time to nourish the mind with the energy of stillness as well? We do this by allowing the mind to rest still without restless activities in and out during meditation. Just a few times a day can you relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. It helps to bring some mental and emotional balance to our lives because we are giving the mind what it really needs. For example, spend 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch, 30 minutes before dinner. That is about an hour and a half each day. If you don't have an hour and a half, maybe instead of watching 3 hours of TV a day, try watching TV for 2 hours. It is also good to go on retreat one day a week.

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