Connection Between Meditation and the Monkey Mind.

The term "monkey mind" can be distressing, disparaging, and demeaning to some people. This is unfortunate because the argument is missed, the ego is involved, and a normal human defence mechanism is activated. After all, aren't we meant to be the king of the monkeys?

When I first heard the phrase "monkey mind" used in reference to meditation, I immediately thought of Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

This is sometimes referred to as the monkey temple, which made me giggle on the inside because monkeys require supervision in human contexts. I was repressing laughter during a serious discourse when the image of unrestrained monkeys entered my mind.

When left uncontrolled, monkeys can be a nuisance, and the same can be said of an untrained mind that jumps from topic to topic without accomplishing much. So, instead of getting offended by the term, try to see it from a humorous perspective.

You can see that monkeys don't have it so bad after all if you let yourself to enjoy life and try not to take things too seriously. The human mind frequently spends much too much time defending, worrying, posturing, manipulating, fearing, and feeling embarrassed to really enjoy life.

You are not, in fact, your mind. You are in charge of your actions, yet many things happen in your mind before you take action. When you thought, for example, images and possibilities are generated. You receive a bodily sensation around your heart as a result of those images.

Whether the sensation is positive or negative, you either act on it or dismiss it as a transitory notion that will be forgotten. Should you spend time feeling guilty if you have a fleeting wicked idea and it passes? Your heart or gut feeling is a natural safeguard for ethical behaviour. This is the most accurate predictor of whether something is correct or incorrect.

Mankind has the power to shape the universe and create alternate realities, but discerning what is sacred from what is wicked has been a challenge for thousands of years. Disconnection from one's inner self, nature, and God has resulted in a great deal of perplexity.

Thank God for meditation; it allows you to harness the power of your mind, relax, and concentrate on one thing at a time. Your decision-making process will be lot more controlled and clear if you make time for daily meditation. The final outcome will be a newfound regard, appreciation, and a sense of humour for the monkey.

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